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Audio program

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Visual C++

Detail: mid audio players. Rar
  • mp3_src.rarHave you ever tried to write something for recording sound from the sound card a ...
  • Wave.rarThere are four classes in this library that can be used directly in your program
  • CWaveForm.zipVC prepared to achieve a wide range of wave waveform display prepared abroad
  • GMM1_NE.rarGaussian Mixture Models (GMM) for speech noise reduction
  • writefeature.rarWrite features of speech signal
  • Praat-Related.rarThe installation program and the latest version manual of a classic audio signal ...
  • PlayWav.src.zipWave player with list of files saved in database. It displays start time, end t ...
  • AudioDetect.rarWave Audio Head Parser
  • CodeRelease.zipAudio Post-processing code running on TI C6727 processor
  • adpcm_40.zipthis is a program for adpcm_40 audio codec