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GUI Develop

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Visual C++

Detail: very good VC of programming tools and floating forms programming, we hope to help
This package does not include any code with text format which can display in web page, please download the package.
  • iphonetoday.zipdatasheet iphonetoday
  • CTabCtrl.zipAchieve the tab control property sheet function code, useful for beginners
  • AdvancedMFCProgramming.rarA foreign classic MFC textbooks VC++ 6.0- Advanced MFC Programming.pdf
  • VC300.rarvc 300 cases, all are classics, and do not have the whole view, only need to rea ...
  • jiemian.rarBoutique-style multi-form automatically docked VS2005 interface controls, very u ...
  • Bresenhamscirclealgo.rarbresenhem algo to draw a circle...
  • MFC_Graphic.zipTheir own learning VC++ when the CDC has prepared an exercise of a drawing progr ...
  • MyNotepad.zipOwn use MFC-view view, do not use any controls, written in a notebook of this pr ...
  • watereffectdesktop.zipThis is a desktop effect. water effect,move your mouse and click can bring many ...
  • multilinelist.zipA list control that allow you input multi-line within an item.