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Detail: Demonstration of multi-document form, of which there are four forms, prepared by the pb.
  • TaskBarDemo.rarMaking a window similar to Windows task bar, fake taskbar buttons!
  • MathType6.5.rarA powerful formula editor, you can edit almost all forms of formula, easy to use ...
  • 9015_DataSheet.rar.rarRF information for expert inspection, internal data, it is difficult too! !
  • ov1.tar.gzov7630 data sheet 4 webcam v1
  • Demo03.rarPcomm
  • modular.rarBPSK modulation process, read from a file into the 01 sequences, after sampling ...
  • youxigood.rarAchieved through a simple VC6.0 in Zhuhai Bliss all the features of MFC is the e ...
  • UartDemo.rarvb.net serial debugging, 16 hexadecimal, 10 decimal, character can be sent.
  • align_demo.zipbest applction on graph
  • CMU2.rarDatabase compiled based on SkinMagic peeling of the skin to control their own wo ...