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Com Port

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Visual C++

Detail: serial debugging aids source, their preparation, interface with the popular serial debugging tools basically the same. The tool is easy to use, but can define serial rate, as indicated by the state
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  • diag1.rarThe code for PC and Single-chip communication with serias com.
  • VC-rs232.rarVC video camera plus serial control for robot host computer, as long as appropri ...
  • uart.rarAsynchronous, 8-bit data, no parity, 1 stop bit, no speed communications
  • 123213.rar2 Menu
  • winavr.rarthis USART for AVR16
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  • VBandRS232.rarvb and rs232 details for the rs232 proect
  • sc16is752.c.rarsc16is752.c ii c switch uart port driver source code!
  • bb.rarDescription: The serial port debugger, the use VC++ programming