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Visual C++

Detail: a complete neural network source code, including data and documentation
  • svm-mat.rarThis is svm toolbox, with instructions. MATLAB environment can be further carrie ...
  • MCMC.rarMCMC code,MCMC code,MCMC code,MCMC code
  • optalgtoolkit1.4.zipthis is a program for Genetic algorithm
  • fuzzyscheduling.rarIn August 2009 on the fuzzy uncertainty at home and abroad the latest production ...
  • zice.rarrbf neural network training data, look at the convergence rate can be found
  • RBFxunlian.rarrbf training for pattern recognition, classification, fault type of diagnosis, f ...
  • fenlei.rarrbf neural network for classification and recognition, fault diagnosis, pattern ...
  • rbf.rarrbf neural networks for machine fault diagnosis, pattern recognition, classifica ...
  • Ni2009_2.rarNI,2009,labview,PPT
  • 1.rarBP neural network C-language implementation BP neural network C-language impleme ...