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Detail: ARM9-based NAND FLASH (large page) of the drive, including reading and writing and erasing (in the data area will be the remaining area), read the ID number and other major functions.
  • WINCE_timer_interrupt.rarno more english
  • UCOS_TE2410_code.rarARM-board experiments to study the source code. A very complete and practical.
  • geo_har.rarthis file contains the implementation of : 1.geometric filter-using the basic f ...
  • salt_noise.rarthese programs deal with the addition of SALT noise (in particular) and its remo ...
  • contraharmonic.rarthis file contains the implementation of the "contraharmonic filter" using the b ...
  • HappyFarmer.rarNet version of a happy farm for all the auxiliary tools, scripting, worth learni ...
  • ad_da.rarDigital and digital-analog converter module detailed description of how the ad d ...
  • WicePlus.rarWicePlus User Manual (Chinese) Elan' s c asm Chinese manual
  • 12887-12b20-0809.rar12887-12b20-0809 combination of time-temperature ad conversion process
  • 18b20-full.rardalas 18B20 reading and writing program