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  • Bank_Telephone.rarbank telephone ,auto dial hotline. ATMEGA329+128X64LCD,Source Code and schematic ...
  • IIC.rars3c2440 the IIC test procedures, simple but intuitive.
  • Rtc.rarS3C2440 on the RTC test program, very short, but very intuitive.
  • TFTP.rars3c2440 the tftp testing procedures, the use of ADS development, starting from t ...
  • myled.rars3c2440 the led test program, compiled using the ADS and personally tested and a ...
  • ARM7_CF.rarARM7 system to achieve CF card storage file system design
  • CF.rarCF card in the ARM platform-driven, as well as related testing and application
  • arm.rarARM-based processor and CF cards, Holter Monitoring System
  • WINCE_timer_interrupt.rarno more english
  • UCOS_TE2410_code.rarARM-board experiments to study the source code. A very complete and practical.