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Windows Kernel

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Detail: 28335 Math sin cos aqrt Treasury, including functions such as floating-point applications
  • font8x16.rar8* 16 dot matrix font, or you can try pretty good drops
  • lesson6.rarHow to study Menu and study CString further
  • lesson5.rarhow to use CString Class,CDC Class,by Sunxin
  • lesson4.rarthe message of MFC,how to use ClassWizard,by Sunxin
  • lesson3.rarthe theory of MFC AppWizard s by Sunxin
  • lesson2.rarstudy C++,by Sunxin
  • 2009.rarRegister OCX controls, easy, simple and convenient. Including the DLL can be reg ...
  • VCDllprogrammingsimpleterms.rarWith regard to the use of DLL with the preparation, a more detailed description ...
  • chp18.rarComponent technology to achieve timing shutdown, just to learn the components of ...
  • mobile_project.rarthis project is related to mobile phone functionality . we added all the functio ...
  • Function reader of DLL V2.0.rar Function reader V2.0 of DLL can see the ground function of the derivation in dll ...
  • mem_collector.tar.z The memory trash collection procedure, reorganizes the memory fragment, raises ...
  • share_mem.zipThe example of using sharing memory to communication between Client and Server
  • The demonstration registers this machine user information and the shared resour ...
  • regmonsrc.zipMonitoring the registrys change, and the registry used by file
  • At the same time the deletion document completely eliminates the document conte ...
  • Obtains CPU the information
  • processcommunicationvc.rarvc do an inter-process communication procedures, including shared memory, messag ...
  • Writes the NT service routine the pattern plate class
  • filemon.zipMonitoring the access of file