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IME Develop

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Visual C++

Detail: The sourcecode for an IME on windows
This package does not include any code with text format which can display in web page, please download the package.
  • phpeditor.zipPHP editor, full Canvas input method support the text to copy, paste.
  • input_proteus.rar上传以前写的输入法程序,proteus仿真通过的
  • BIG5togb2312.rarBIG5 Chinese and BIG5 Chinese and BIG5 Chinese processing BIG5 Chinese and
  • InputMethodReset.rarInput method switching bentween English and Chinese shortcut keys reset software ...
  • ImeLib is an easy-to-use IME library for getting reverse conversion of Asian ...
  • freepy.rarThe software used has been prepared by VC++5.0, but VC++4.1 or later should be a ...
  • 4.rarIt s very good!
  • zypy3.0_ydm.rarPinyin Input Method free version 3.0 source
  • T9test.rarT9 Chinese input method for Mobile phone
  • gbconvert.rarFor a small program can be achieved GB2312, BIG5 (Simplified Chinese- Traditiona ...
  • freepy22.zipThe source for an PINYIN input method
  • ime2.zipThe sourcecode for an IME on windows
  • display_chinese_in_SCM.rar-Display Chinese characters in SCM system by Pin Yin inputting method.
  • Wingb_Mz.rara complete complete with Delphi in an area code input method.
  • Uconvert.zipThe source for transfering GBK and UUCODE with each other
  • softkeyboardinputsource.Rarsoft keyboard input methods original code designed to facilitate simple easy beg ...
  • JSiemXP2008-11-14.rarAfter years of preparation, speed five functions finally reached a considerable ...
  • Py_IME.rarPinyin input method design source, contains all the Pinyin input method design d ...
  • KeyBoard.rarQQ similar soft keyboard, beautiful screen. Development Environment: vc6.0 MFC f ...
  • pandasinputsource.Zip/* pandas input method (Free Chinese Input) from YJMSIR (* prepar ...