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Detail: gabor feature extraction process to achieve with matlab image test
  • MATLAB_genetic_algorithm.rarThe e-book of the MATLAB genetic algorithm toolbox and its application.
  • conventional.rarconventional converter design for the wind turbine
  • pids.rarPID design for state space using matlab
  • auto.rarauto associative neural network desing
  • converter.rarconverter design using matlab
  • linsetup.rarSet up a model for snapshot linearization, i.e. linearization while themodel is ...
  • compensator.rarthe compensator design is done with the help of matlab
  • 80211a.zipmatlab simulink 80211a ofdm
  • PLS-MATLAB.rarAn overview of partial least-squares method, as well as MatLAB procedures in gre ...
  • fish.rarNational Undergraduate fishing strategy MATLAB Modeling
  • GUI01.rarMatlab GUI Video Guide teach you step by step using the GUI interface done
  • matlabcnhelp.rarMatlab Chinese help is difficult to find, fast download
  • Matlabgeneticalgorithm(new).RarGA MATLB procedures, there are genetic algorithm selection, crossover and mutati ...
  • MATLAB7_0GuideBook.rarMATLAB 7_0 Practical Guide (volumes) (Superstar Books) Superstar readers and the ...
  • svm.zipMATLAB svm prepared by the source, can achieve a support vector machine for the ...
  • Kalman_matlab00000.raruser interface with Matlab Kalman filtering procedures, Matlab-Tracking- GUI, No ...
  • particle-filter-mcmc.rarthe program based on particle filter for a new algorithm, Integrated Bayesian MC ...
  • QPSK_Simulink.rarQPSK Matlab/Simulink simulation system modulation and demodulation, the received ...
  • NumericalAnalysiscurriculumdesign.Zipnumerical analysis of the 40 most commonly used algorithms, the use of c/Matlab ...
  • SVM(Matlab).RarSupport Vector Machine (SVM), a classification algorithm source code [Matlab]