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Voice Compress

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Detail: CCITT G.711, G.72 3 voice compression algorithm
  • AMR-NB-fixed.zip3G mobile communication optimized voice compression algorithm, the actual langua ...
  • G.729_voice_compress.rarG.729 codec & decodec transmission source
  • Cpp1.rarOriginally wanted to do a BPSK modulation and demodulation of the mixed-programm ...
  • gsm_channel_compile.rargsm codec channel (main channel of the completion of GSM codec)
  • LDPC-2006-02-08-vc.rarLDPC code encode/decoder
  • KDVoice.rarimportant voice
  • code1.rar&quot VC video audio codec technology and the practice of&quot book on CD-ROM c ...
  • C_melp.rarLow-rate speech coding, mixed excitation linear encoder MELP estimated 2.4 kbps
  • predictive_quantization.rarLine spectrum frequency parameters used for quantification, and quantified using ...
  • G711.rarSource of the G711, I believe that research on the audio helpful friends