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Detail: DMS- Document Management System in PHP script.
  • phpmtas-1.0.beta.tar.gzphp script for mtasa
  • v6649_eWebEditorV2.0.0betasp1.rareWebEditor is an online WYSIWYG editor. As the name suggests, is to use WYSIWYG ...
  • shchsql.rar"Imitation Taobao Mall multi-user network system to the official version of sql ...
  • YapukeB2B.rar. net framework source code of the B2B site, the database for SQL Server 2000. F ...
  • ASPbasic.zipASP based on ASP learning materials take-off from this book worth a visit
  • jpolite.rarJquery for a beginner&#39 s project in the projects is the best way to learn, an ...
  • lz.rarLeadWit Management System Version 2.01 ACCESS
  • daden.rarA pretty useful site ASP source companies.
  • createZip.inc.zipzip library for php programmer
  • DRBPoll.zipfile based simple Poll and voting sytem in PHP. No need of database system.