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Detail: Microchip s DSP IC dsPIC33 demo code for Explorer 16. It include a LCD some LEDs and some keys. Just very simple.
  • WINCE_timer_interrupt.rarno more english
  • UCOS_TE2410_code.rarARM-board experiments to study the source code. A very complete and practical.
  • geo_har.rarthis file contains the implementation of : 1.geometric filter-using the basic f ...
  • salt_noise.rarthese programs deal with the addition of SALT noise (in particular) and its remo ...
  • contraharmonic.rarthis file contains the implementation of the "contraharmonic filter" using the b ...
  • HappyFarmer.rarNet version of a happy farm for all the auxiliary tools, scripting, worth learni ...
  • ad_da.rarDigital and digital-analog converter module detailed description of how the ad d ...
  • WicePlus.rarWicePlus User Manual (Chinese) Elan' s c asm Chinese manual
  • 12887-12b20-0809.rar12887-12b20-0809 combination of time-temperature ad conversion process
  • 18b20-full.rardalas 18B20 reading and writing program