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  • WM32.rarA simple win32 program, suitable for beginners to learn
  • SuperDance.zipLAV version of Super dancers source code is written LAVAX for Wen Quxing ~
  • ST7920.zipST7920液晶显示控制器的驱动编程,实现了汉字显示、半字符显示、最大128*64的图形显示 ...
  • 12864.rarST7920液晶显示控制器的驱动编程,实现了汉字显示、半字符显示、最大128*64的图形显示 ...
  • 0v9650.rarOV9650 camera' s user manual documentation in English
  • HT1625.rarWith regard to an LCD driver chip, HT1625 English references. Can drive 64x8 seg ...
  • FM250_www.ic37.com.rarFerroelectric memory of a dry FM250 chip reference into this category.
  • fluent6.2udfmanual.rarFlent UDF
  • MathematicaApproach.rarmathematica entry, combined with knowledge of advanced mathematics to explain
  • CalculusBasementUsingMathematica.rarExplain the calculus based on the introduction of Mathematica software to solve ...