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Detail: BCB6 COM port communications Softeware.thanks
  • VisualComProject.rarThe computer automatically generates a virtual Com port, programming simple and ...
  • AlgorithmArtandInformaticCompetition.rarAlgorithm Art and Informatics Competition, the so called BlackBook.
  • simulacion.zipmarkov credit simulation whit credit comportament
  • spp_dev_a_b.rarbluetooth program,RFcom transport
  • Ajax.rarAjax do not refresh, you will automatically be prompted to enter the characters ...
  • HART_Command.rarHART protocol detailed command list that contains all the 0- 60, Order
  • wincc_comm.rarThe Wincc can read and write in serial port control and the source
  • scom.rarSerial communication interface standard through the use and development, there a ...
  • NeighborInfo.rarTo obtain information on other computers within a local area network
  • GaborFilter(2).rarThis version of the 2D Gabor filter is basically a bi-dimensional Gaussian func ...