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GUI Develop

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Visual C++

Detail: The libarary which contains the Visual Studio and Outlook style interface, has sourcecode and manay examples
  • CSSHelper.rarCSSHelper.chm is a good helper to learn CSS style.
  • SkinBeauty_dll_debug_V3_0.rarQQ and MSN, a similar example of interface development.
  • statuscontrol.rarThe control of Active Control for MFC developers. The main attribute is a Boolea ...
  • TestOutlineText_Source.zipUse GDI+/GDI achieved text strokes, shadow effects, have been packaged into DLL, ...
  • CIRCLE.rarVC round development of the progress bar control, support for the color gradient ...
  • percent.rarMFC Development histogram control, can display the percentage and so on. Support ...
  • LED.rarThe development of active control, an MFC function is to achieve an LED switch, ...
  • progress.rarprogress program
  • jofc2.raropen flash chart2 jofc
  • AtlSplitter.rarVC++6.0, the use of ATL technology, to write the partition of the control