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Upload Date: 2007-03-24
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Visual C++

Detail: circular dialogue Crash! Still not understand! What is not clear! Not very well!
  • sdrerf.zipthis coode contauins some text documents only and source code no
  • CoolTabCtrl.rarBeautiful beautiful CTabCtrl controls drawn from
  • vwindlg.rarAn increase in the dialog box CHtmlView example- An example of adding CHtmlView ...
  • Measure.rarGeographic information systems to achieve the basic functions, based on the AE9. ...
  • J4ME-1.0.3-20080509.rarJ4me source code, a very good learning materials UI
  • comboboxedit.zipCombobox with text and background color change
  • 3ColorComboBox.rarNormal circumstances, the combo box can only display text information, the examp ...
  • ExmpCombo.rarUse combo box to learn the source code, through the drop-down menu select the it ...
  • ComboTree.rarComboTree is a hybrid ComboBox with a tree control replacing the drop down ListB ...
  • box, so that features more use of easy-to-use combo box to make more easy- ...