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Detail: 1. Statistical system to support multi-user applications 2. Two statistical models: 1. Page views and Statistics 2. Independent IP Statistics 3. Two statistical pattern: 1. Statistics show a small icon 2. The number of styles, dozens of the total number of styles, but also to an increase of 4. Can click on the source of statistics on the number of each, there are statements to query 5. Fully customizable search engine types of statistics for each search engine can be every day, and the statistics of search engine keywords 6. Can be replaced several skin 7. Totally anti-injection attack, 32 Md5 encrypted password 2009-3-18 wind PHP Multi-User V3.9 version of the introduction of the statistical system, by adding functions: to join after the success of online security lock installation functions, adding a new CSS style Super Administrator default landing page admin.php User: admin Password: admin