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GUI Develop

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Visual C++

Detail: A simple Windows CE picture viewer
  • Bresenhamscirclealgo.rarbresenhem algo to draw a circle...
  • MFC_Graphic.zipTheir own learning VC++ when the CDC has prepared an exercise of a drawing progr ...
  • MyNotepad.zipOwn use MFC-view view, do not use any controls, written in a notebook of this pr ...
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  • multilinelist.zipA list control that allow you input multi-line within an item.
  • CCheckList.raradd check in clistctrl.
  • PictureEx_demo.rarIntroduction 2 C++ classes- CPictureEx and CPictureExWnd, use them in the MFC an ...
  • duba6.rarKingsoft 6 interface effects, mainly the use of the image button
  • EightPuzzle.rar8 digital issues of c++ source code, visual studio2005 prepared, of the realizat ...
  • DOTWord.rarTraditional word Trurtype will turn the word lattice, produced by VB6