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Detail: a simple model of calculator which can do easy compution ,including pros
  • 150CSharpExample.rarCSharp Example,welcome to download
  • SDIInterface.raropencv and vc++ to realize the menu display picture functions
  • CCtlList.rarmore strong CListCtrl which type is must like can embed edit co ...
  • Source.rarDotNetBar VS2008 Source Code
  • clibration.rarRead txt documents, especially for the data can be a very good read!
  • SplashScreen.rarThe system in practice, there is not much skill, there has been interest in a lo ...
  • QQ.rarQQ chat tool to make a simple interface that can carry out basic functions such ...
  • Finger.rar一个指纹读取的小程序,可以读取指纹模块的数据
  • gui.zipa good gui file for create a table
  • TDL_Calendar.rarThis is a calendar control with the MFC implementation, it can be achieved in th ...