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Detail: Real Estate Management System
  • des.rarThis program is DES Cryption Code. DES is a powerful Cryption Algorithm. This Co ...
  • jpeg.rarjpeg code, vc++ implementation, to control the compression ratio
  • C.R1009-0_v1.0_MMS_Evaluation_Methodology_Softwarlease read your package and describe it at least 40 bytes in English.
  • clock.rarElectronic Clock
  • zlib-1.2.3.rarZlib compression algorithm can be under BCB and VC to use, with a dll project, t ...
  • Desktop.rarthis code changes idensity of picture.(gray level)
  • PlayGame.rarVC6.0 miss the game &quot# word game.&quot Let us lot of guidance, bear with me ...
  • MobileIP.rarUsed to simulate the communication channel of the packet loss, can simulate wire ...
  • main.rarhuffman coding,read data from file
  • a15.rarFile compression, decompression algorithm
  • lzw_soft.zipThe soruce of LZW compression algorithm
  • heftyalmanac-c.rarC language series hefty almanac
  • work.rarCommonly used image compression coding matlab code to achieve. Including: DM cod ...
  • unzip540.zipThe source of uncompress zip file, contains password
  • bzip.tar.gz High efficiency one kind of general compression/decompression procedure
  • TonPE-v1.91.zipU disk to start the production of tools, very good ah, can try next. But there a ...
  • VBdesign.zipVB programming examples, you can realize the design of the game Tetris, thank yo ...
  • zipsrc.zipzip compressing algorithm,which is like winzip
  • huff_stream.zipHuffman algorithm used for data stream
  • zlib.zipzlib source