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Visual C++

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  • BER_with_GUI.rarprogrames with GUI about BPSK,QPSK
  • vc6.0.rarM1 VC++ sample
  • ADS7843_app_note_1.zipThe ADS7843 is a 12-bit sampling analog-to-digital con- verter (ADC) use ...
  • sending.rarWritten by INDY10 send an e-mail tool, can use 163 e-mail system will not be con ...
  • joujian.rarUse delphi write a small program for sending mail, attractive interface, fast
  • tcpip_c51.rarTCPIP
  • CommTest.rarComTEST
  • smsvb.zipSMS send and receive the source code, brother give it to learn from each exchang ...
  • COMRXTX.rarSerial port test program source code can be rewritten as needed. Run in DOS syst ...
  • spark.rarsparkWeb, web-based version of IM protocol smpp
  • ns-allinone-2.33.tar.gzns2.33 This is relatively new ns2 version, welcome to download
  • zkemsdk.zipwww.zksoftware.com SDK
  • VC++USB.rarVC++ Programming environment under the USB programming (receiving and sending da ...
  • serialport.zipMFC class for serial communication
  • ports.zipSerial access in Win95
  • FreeModBus.rarmodbus connection to the routines, very good, we will look at
  • ffmpeg_sdk.rarprovide the most comprehensive audio, video encoding and decoding library, inclu ...
  • vc_gprs.rargprs wireless module acceptance procedure, the use of VC and achieve acceptable ...
  • cooperative.rarA cooperative communication system with AF,DF
  • BlueToothExc_Plus.rarMany netizens said that a letter from the reaction before the release of source ...