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Detail: Oa2007 100 access to source code after all dezend
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  • OAed.rarasp oa
  • oa_29.rarjava oa is project
  • workFlow.rarthis is a workflow designer!!!!!
  • OracleArticle2_10.rarIntroduction bpel latest norms and those who want to learn soa helps a lot in a ...
  • lsdloa.rarUse struct1.2+ hibernate+ spring technology of the OA system, functions include: ...
  • jbpm-console.rarjbpm Java business applications, workflow OA system source code, enterprise-leve ...
  • osworkflow2[1].8.rarosworkflow Java source code version of OA Workflow
  • qq.rarTool bar software, there are templates and custom templates, use the javascript
  • wgwwjglxt.zipDocument management system, Wang Wen tube include: pipes, Wang Wen document mana ...
  • oa.raroa system, the best case, using asp.net and sql written is a very good code,
  • OA_at.rarB/s structure and Asp. Net (C#) MS SQL prepared. In strict accordance with the t ...
  • 2007-100%.rarOa2007 100 access to source code after all dezend
  • oa.rarOA system realize the following functions: a, personal office, my desk b, Docume ...
  • productsOA.rarset OA system, using SQL Server database for background ASP.NET C# language
  • ofbizsimpleworkflowcases.Raruse of open-source projects OfBiz workflow engine for the development of a secon ...
  • OA_document.raroa system development technical documentation (full set) to share out.
  • OA.rarA complete, are on-line operation, j2EE the OA System
  • OA300.rarASP-based OA office systems BBS
  • PanOA.rarPanOA source system (Lotus), strongly recommended. Although Lotus is prepared on ...
  • webflow.raropen-source Web graphical process solutions, the main achievement : VML graphics ...