Upload User: sunecom
Upload Date: 2007-09-03
Package size: 115k
Downloads: 72
Category: AI-NN-PR
Development Platform: C/C++
Detail: Artificial Immune-based C language source code, including a simple binary-coded genetic algorithm source code, binary-coded clonal selection algorithm simple source
This package does not include any code with text format which can display in web page, please download the package.
  • heredity.rarrare genetic algorithms written in the hope that useful for all.
  • ANN-GA.rarneural networks and genetic algorithms courseware has some reference value.
  • Kohonen_SOFM.zipuse c++ development of self-organizing neural network source for advanced users.
  • BackProp.rarreaction propagation neural network algorithm source is a very good algorithm
  • hopfeild.rarC language written hopfeild algorithm, accuracy error of 0.000001
  • sf_20058170465.rara genetic algorithm VC version is not so, there is a lack of engineering documen ...
  • BOLTZMAN_zh.rarBOLTZMAN neural network algorithm for the realization of the optimization algori ...
  • BPN_zh.rarBP neural network algorithm to the realization of the traditional algorithms for ...
  • ADALINE_zh.rarADALINE neural network algorithm for the realization of the traditional algorith ...
  • HOPFIELD_zh.rarHopfield neural network algorithm for image restoration to achieve a simple, ful ...