Upload User: lcshanfeng
Upload Date: 2007-04-06
Package size: 1436k
Downloads: 68
Category: Picture Viewer
Development Platform: Visual C++
Detail: Multi-picture multi-window browsing a variety of file formats, support for rapid, low-speed, manual, automatic image viewer.
  • PhotoGallery.rara WPF-based photo gallery with basic functions and 3D-style button
  • camshift_opencv.rara simple program which realize camshift based on opencv
  • camshift.rara simple program which realize camshift based on opencv
  • gbpic.rarvery good picture
  • pic.rarImage acquisition system, used by the MCU and the Taiwan freesalce a camera, ins ...
  • HVRealtime.rarTo achieve real-time image acquisition cameras, video cameras for the Beijing Da ...
  • ImgProc2.zipSource code of image processing
  • 122.rarSwitch to switch the effect of image effects picture effects image switch
  • texiao.rarImages show the effects, including the scan shows, slide shows, progressive disp ...
  • getImportant13points.rarThis software is used to analyze the uniformity of the picture. Achieve an impor ...