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Development Platform: Visual C++
Detail: Codec is divided into two documents, for learning to use, through the read file information statistical probability, and then build a huffman tree
  • huffman-adaptive.ziphuffman coding and decoding adaptive huffman coding and decoding it is a assign ...
  • Huffman_Final.rarcode to compress data usin huffman algorithm
  • AA.rarConducive to learning C++, this compression bag and active code, design document ...
  • SSD7exercise3.rarThis is the answer of the SSD7 exercise3,included the textbook of SSD7.
  • compressanddecompress.rarA compression software source code, including the compression and decompression ...
  • MHC.rarEnter the string of 01 characters, through its compression encoding MHC
  • huffmancoding.rarHuffman code
  • yhjsf.rardjhfeuhyfhduihdfkudfh
  • bsc.rar with JPEG2000 code stream file, using matlab to simulated the RS channel codi ...
  • lzwc.rarC language used to achieve data compression algorithm, the core algorithm lzw al ...