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Category: Graph Drawing
Development Platform: Visual C++
Detail: brilliant original code for beginners!
  • 2.rarmagnetic field generated by current loop
  • ObjectARXsamples.rarobjectarx the development of examples of how to use it mainly for the secondary ...
  • VBdrawingdevice.rarHave the following main functions: 1. Foreground selection, 2. Linewidth option ...
  • BluePen.rarblue pen
  • objectarx.rarCommonly used functions, query the document, a number of multi-segment lines, an ...
  • pgfmanual-ch.rarOn how to use a latex base, PGF is built latex drawing software is a powerful fe ...
  • EXP1.rarPoint image processing, including a histogram, gray balance, etc.
  • VCquxian.rarPatterns produced a good helper to help you create good-looking interface VC
  • cotinuum.rarmethod calculating contiuum
  • Airfoil.rarB-spline curve to achieve painting wing, enter the optional parameters of differ ...