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  • AIS.zipShip-borne Automatic Identification System (AIS) technical information, I am in ...
  • Hiisi1.6.3.rarDon t go through bluetooth phones Internet traffic, must be very GPRS good sourc ...
  • A series of contains aspect the and so on string mouth, Modem, receiving and di ...
  • cku197.tar.ZC-kermit source, which use serial/modem and network communication, its file tran ...
  • GPRSdevelopmentkits.Rarchange function packets GPRS communications interface that allows developers wit ...
  • xmodem.zipThe source of xmoderm protocol
  • zmodem.zipThe source of zmoderm protocol
  • datamode.ziptapi programming small example
  • commutil.zipCommnication libraray supports XMODEM,YMODEM,FAX protocol
  • ymodem.zipThe source of ymoderm protocol