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Upload Date: 2007-01-06
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Category: Voice Compress
Development Platform: Unix_Linux
Detail: CCITT G.711, G.72 3 voice compression algorithm
  • audiofile-0_2_6.zipThe Audio File Library provides a uniform programming interface to standard digi ...
  • G.729.vioce.transfer.raruse G.729 voice compression agreement transmission procedures
  • g7231_c54x.rarG723.1 voice compression decompression tms320c54 series in the realization of co ...
  • VC_SOUND.rarvc sound_rar the source document, useful if say thank you
  • mpegaudio.rarmpeg3 encoder, the audio signal auditory perceptual coding and encoding for MP3 ...
  • intel.adpcm.rarIntel/DVI ADPCM coder/decoder. The algorithm for this coder was taken from the ...
  • fircomp.rarthe program is infinitely long filter, which includes seven pairs of adding wind ...
  • sb2.zipC language right ADPCM algorithm design, user-friendly, detailed Notes
  • lpc10-1_0.rar.raris LPC is a source code reference for everyone to explore and learn!
  • vc723.rarVC G.723