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Upload Date: 2013-05-02
Package size: 191k
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Category: Delphi VCL
Development Platform: Delphi
Detail: playing soccer games, the use of Delphi, with source code!
  • TimerDlg2.rarCan automatically shut down any dialog box from time to time the Delphi source c ...
  • Delphi67-UDP-SendFile.rarDelphi67 using UDP protocol to send the case file
  • IE.rarLOG monitoration of Internet Explorer navigation
  • ex3.rarc ssd7 practice is for reference only answer may be excused if there is insuffic ...
  • SoftKeyBord.rarTouch-screen soft keyboard module (DELPHI components, with examples and source f ...
  • Cjj.rarC++ header files into a Delphi interface file and tools
  • btDemo.rarDelphi language used to achieve bt download, I hope you satisfied.
  • Ehlib.rarsd
  • Delphi.rarSuper-simple to introduce the Delphi language, easy to understand! ! !
  • QQ_____(2).zipQQ prepared delphi automatic transmitter and make learning to use for research