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Upload User: yingdiyu
Upload Date: 2007-01-06
Package size: 116k
Downloads: 2124
Category: Disk Tools
Development Platform: Others
Detail: A program that refresh make partation for hard disk but not destory datas .
  • cut.rardelphi segmentation procedures, offensive research, ui beginners that use dual
  • Drive_Rescue_v1.8.zipFamous Drive_Rescue recovery software released early source version is 1.8 delph ...
  • Performance_Test_Tool.rarHDBench and FDBench, for testing performance of drives.
  • winhex.rarWinhex, for observing windows hex files or device information
  • Disk.rarSome knowledge of disk operations
  • wjgl.rarFunctions for document management, document management purposes. Functions for d ...
  • Disk-related.rarThis example will introduce how to determine drive. Run the program, type any le ...
  • U_disk_for_MP3_file_system.raru disk, mp3 under the file system, fully compatible with fat16, fat32, coupled w ...
  • removedisk.rarFast delete removable disk, this procedure is only a shell casing, by calling a ...
  • usb.rarKingston U disk volume production tools, to create CD-ROM disc is mainly used to ...
  • hookDiskID.rarYou can change the hard disk physical ID (not the logical volume label), XP used ...
  • HDSerial.rarRead disk serial number of tools including source code
  • fips15.zipA program that refresh make partation for hard disk but not destory datas .
  • schddog.zipHard disk dog program , just protect hard disk.
  • Under a Win95/98/NT district executive program, may format and divide the FAT16 ...
  • A choice start district procedure source code
  • schdlock.zipA program that shield/lock logical hard disk , FAT32 not surrport.
  • defrag.zipNT floppy disk fragment reorganization procedure
  • schdgurd.zipHard disk keeper , to protect boot sector file.
  • bootany.zipTo choose boot from which partation when start PC.