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Upload Date: 2007-01-06
Package size: 116k
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Category: Disk Tools
Development Platform: Others
Detail: A program that refresh make partation for hard disk but not destory datas .
  • FortmatDrive.rarExamples of the disk format is conducive to learning disk call. Mainly call disk ...
  • df.rarAccess to the remainder of the current disk space, units of G, very good use, an ...
  • FilesStructure.rarGenerate hard disk file directory tree. Can set file types, scanning the depth o ...
  • DiskIDa.rarNI technology to read the hard drive serial number ChenminDiskIDTest.bat will st ...
  • cvery_585911366.rarDisk Defragmenter Disk Defragmenter Disk Defragmenter
  • format.rarSuper-simple process to format the disk, do not need to use any API function, si ...
  • d1410r3b.rarHard disk ATA6 agreement in detail the agreement of the hard disk
  • sc.rarProgrammed to achieve the following disk scheduling algorithm, and calculated fo ...
  • AT-Attachment-3Interface.rarATA IDE hard disk interface technical specifications, useful reference
  • hardDiskDirver.zipExamples of hard disk driver, comments, very detailed and worth learning.
  • HDSerial.rarRead disk serial number of tools including source code
  • fips15.zipA program that refresh make partation for hard disk but not destory datas .
  • schddog.zipHard disk dog program , just protect hard disk.
  • Under a Win95/98/NT district executive program, may format and divide the FAT16 ...
  • A choice start district procedure source code
  • schdlock.zipA program that shield/lock logical hard disk , FAT32 not surrport.
  • defrag.zipNT floppy disk fragment reorganization procedure
  • schdgurd.zipHard disk keeper , to protect boot sector file.
  • bootany.zipTo choose boot from which partation when start PC.
  • discex.zipA program that random scan and check hard disk .