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Detail: altera device manuals, models ep2c20, everyone wishes to be useful
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  • seqdet2.rarState machine implementation sequence VerilogHDL Detect and Simulation
  • u8vgNMrO.rarLearn VHDL highly are yellow are the high-speed interactive good right in line w ...
  • uart.rarFPGA serial modules, FPGA implementation with the PC-Serial communication.
  • md.rarVHDL manchester decode
  • md.rarmanchester encode
  • Multi11Mulply.rarThis procedure is the unsigned 11-bit multiplier, one of the highest for the sig ...
  • mp3codec.rarit is used to compile codec
  • preseniorcode.rarit is used to find traffic
  • mp4decoder.rarused to decode mp4.rar in vlsiinfpga
  • lcd.rarLCD display experiments, want to see!