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Upload Date: 2014-11-20
Package size: 2560k
Downloads: 75
Development Platform: MultiPlatform
Detail: altera device manuals, models ep2c20, everyone wishes to be useful
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  • kashidianhuaji.rarVerilog electronic billing
  • d.rard of d simple flip-flop flip-flop, the upload is for reference only, hope that t ...
  • verilog4.rarVerilog hardware description language classic version (Fourth Edition)
  • mimasuo.rarPrepared using VHDL digital code lock, it is practical, likes to download
  • YCrCb2RGB.rarVerilo prepared using RGB encoding, and joined the assembly line
  • i2c_p_altera.rarIIc bus source code (vhdl language), we share some
  • A8255.rar8255 of the VHDL code in Quartus II development environment.
  • ADC.rarVerilog Programming with FPGA-based data collection procedures AD
  • FPGA.rarUsing Verilog to send and receive data to achieve the serial procedures are debu ...
  • CCD_TCD1205.rarUsing VHDL language CCD image acquisition system for TCD1205 linear array CCD se ...