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Category: Delphi VCL
Development Platform: C++ Builder
Detail: In the C++ Builder directly for data output
  • DelphiImageProcess.rarDelphi Image Processing procedures for Object Recogonition
  • 1-9.rarFill out the nine grid so that it横竖are the nine figures 1-9
  • project.rarfile add !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !
  • HideProc_dot.rarReal hidden process delphi, directly through the system to deal with the realiza ...
  • leastsquares.delphi.zipLEast Squares Fitting in Delphi
  • danganguanli.rardanganguanli
  • delphi.rarBy the realization of the basic, delete, change, search and other functions, and ...
  • UrlLabel.zipurl label: click to open browser or e-mail
  • Z_LABEL.zipTZlabel : vertical text, sub/super-script and multiple fonts in a single Label o ...
  • xi.rarHostel Management System (software requirements, software, functional model and ...