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Category: STL
Development Platform: C/C++
Detail: Effective STL to help document, the STL has a lot of studying to help, I hope to help everyone! !
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  • Tic2Vtwo.zipThinking in C++ 2nd edition Volume 2: STL
  • STL.rarC++ STL textbooks of source code has been tested and run through the compiler.
  • TestLineDistance.rarCalculating the distance, and displayed for all to use and reference, written in ...
  • ShortestPathwithSTL.rarThe use of STL implementation of the shortest path search list, list through the ...
  • STLsource(JJhou).rarHou Jie <STL源码分析> , A complete simple Chinese version, with bookmarks ...
  • castle-pascal.rargive a castle map of the castle, and one of the connectivity number of rooms, th ...
  • effectiveSTL.rarThe e-books are tutorial STL, this book will give you the information to become ...
  • STLyuanmafenxi.rarSTLyuanmafenxi
  • Eff_STL_CN.rarEffect STL English version of a very good book
  • TSP.rarimplementation of TSP algorithm in VC environment