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Category: DirextX
Development Platform: Visual C++
Detail: A set of very good DirectX seal class storehouse, the function is formidable
  • Alphab.rarAlpha hybrid code described a lpha mixed code
  • VideoEXE.rarA DirectShow example. Through the callback function to obtain the image informat ...
  • 1.rarDirectX Game Programming- imitation CS (Half-Life) Style
  • directshow_development_guide_and_code.rarThe book version of DirectX SDK 9.0 to modeled, involving almost covered in the ...
  • Directshow(pdf)+.rara good book of directshow
  • ch7_3.rarIn VC++ 6.0 environment D3D configuration process, I hope this has interested fr ...
  • ddraw.rarDirectDraw Chinese Manual, DirectDraw utility function query.
  • Directshow_SDK_Notes.rarDirectShow learning Notes: The main basis for the introduction of DirectShow/app ...
  • boid.rarvc++, direct9.0 rendering 3D graphics, using matrix rotation realize
  • rain.rarvc++, direct9.0 realize 3d rendering scenes rain effect
  • KSTVTUNE.ZIPloaded camera driver needs to use the documents. Microsoft DirectX SDK
  • DXGuide.zip A set of very good DirectX seal class storehouse, the function is formidable
  • xfile.zipDirectX 3D does not realize a small scene, a fairy dancing in which to fully dis ...
  • IsoTest_src.zip In an elephant "Empire Time" plays the game example which the farmer walks, use ...
  • MorganRTPDirectShowFilters.rarRTP DirectShow Filters, including server and client executable code and server-s ...
  • DirectX3D.rarDirectX 3D game programming robot model-----
  • OPENCV-camer.rarMFC control to achieve OPENCV camera display
  • DirectShow.rarDirectShow design and development guidelines, the company
  • Direct90.rardirectshow operating camera, installed dx9 post, designated vc6 Include the foll ...
  • DirectShowsubstantiveselected.RarDirectshow selected source code of practice, a rare, and I hope to be helpful.