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Upload Date: 2007-01-06
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Development Platform: C/C++
Detail: A simple encryption and decryption program
  • des.zipDES cryptographic algorithm for C
  • rsa.zipThe source code and examples of implement of RAS encryption and decryption algor ...
  • rsa1.zipRSA encryption and decryption algorithm source code
  • crc.zipCRC inspection program, which use crc-16 and crc-ccitt method
  • rsa1.03.zipThe implement of RSA algorithm including document.
  • crypt.zipA simple encryption and decryption program
  • base64.zipThe program of BASE 64 encryption and decryption
  • MD5encryptionalgorithmsourcecodeDLLproductsMD5 encryption algorithm source code DLL finished, the better, a complete source ...
  • pwdump.zipCrack NT password
  • fast-des3.0.tar.zdes algorithm realization source code