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Category: VHDL-FPGA-Verilog
Development Platform: VHDL

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Detail: Verilog module containing a synthesizable CRC function //* polynomial: (0 1 8) //* data width: 8
  • VGA-VerilogHDL.zipVerilog HDL prepared with VGA display driver
  • 8-CPU.rarsimple eight CPU, containing PDF files. They can check details
  • hjsVerilog.rarexample. The initial application. Including a simple example.
  • FPGA_bit_clock_data_New FPGA-based data bit sync clock extraction (CDR) method
  • i2c.tar.gzIIC main equipment of the code (verilog), from the device model
  • multiplexer.rarSeveral common multiplier Verilog, VHDL code
  • BuildingtheCPUdatapaBuilding the CPU datapath
  • HA.rarVerilog HDL for Half Adder, Full Subtractor, Half Subtractor and 2x4 decoder.
  • cnt.rarBoth a relatively good counter VHDL code: one is the generic n-bit counter, one ...
  • msttr.rarmsttr VHDL language is a development of the traffic lights procedures