Upload User: ledsha
Upload Date: 2007-01-01
Package size: 1540k
Downloads: 2083
Category: GUI Develop
Development Platform: Visual C++
Detail: The libarary which contains the Visual Studio and Outlook style interface, has sourcecode and manay examples
  • qiefen.rarCompletion of the static segmentation window small example, the VC of Student le ...
  • LGS-8G75-A1_Datasheet_V1.5.rarLegend latest DTMB demodulator chip Datasheet
  • Example3.rarexample3:how to use form to positioning window Control
  • VB.rarvb6.0精简版vb6.0精简版,对于初级编程学习用户的最佳选择,不妨试一下啊!!!!!! ...
  • jpegdisplay.zipJPEG decoder. Wholely realize the algorithm for JPG decoding. It s ref-sample wh ...
  • Splash.rarA typical procedure splash screen can be used to reference the interface procedu ...
  • CMyButtonTest.zipButton to change category, after vc6.0 test
  • jisuanqi.rarImplementation source code calculator, MFC beginners can refer to the code
  • appbar.rarSimilar to windows task bar, above, can learn about the issue of such projects.
  • DALG.rarcode source for DALG