• PHPumpl_xmail-2.11.rarXMail web interface written in PHP by Achim Schmidt
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  • JavaMUMail.rarAn open source Javawebmail, suitable for all java platform
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  • ASP/ASPXBosshk20051101.rarASP ACCESS housing lease, random password generation network, the password sent ...
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  • Visual C++SMTP_POP3_manager.zivc prepared with a mail procedures, the basic function has been achieved, interf ...
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  • Delphimaillistservprocedurbased on a mail listserv procedures that name should be aware of the function of
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  • HTML/CSSEMAIL-fat source onlOnline hair I do not know how we try to give advice to the ah
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  • Visual C++MailRecieve.rarvery simple client to receive mail, but less functional reflect function applica ...
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  • Delphicode.Rara web page letter under the components, can only send text and html format of th ...
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  • Visual C++SMTPmailserversupporSMTP mail server support IMA POP3, SMTP mail server supports POP3 IMA
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  • Javamymail_1.rarrecently prepared a JAVA MAIL procedures, the network can send text mail, it sho ...
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  • Visual C++2221485.raroften at the Forum to see how an online friend send e-mail (SMTP server authenti ...
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  • PHPphpmailer-1.72.rar.za function of a very strong class mail, without relying on mail () function, ser ...
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  • Otherswebsendmail.rarC# mail (WEBform) to hasten our own mail and the limited time available to try b ...
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  • Perlsquirrelmail-1.4.3a.Squirrelmail web mail
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  • Visual C++VCpreparede-mailprogthis paper on how to use Visual C prepared using MAPI E-mail procedures. MAPI is ...
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