• [Visual C++] Wavelets.rarthis program is to To complete a horizontal direction of image wavelet transform ...
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  • [matlab] waveback.rarFast wavelet transform, which is equivalent to wavelet toolbox waverec2
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  • [matlab] thresholds.rarTwo thresholds based on wavelet transform thresholding methods and the introduct ...
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  • [matlab] liftingwavelet.rarA new opportunity for the threshold wavelet transform denoising method introduct ...
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  • [matlab] wavefilter.rara fast way to see the coefficients of the wavelet
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  • [Visual C++] imagefusionDD97.rarThe procedures are based on wavelet transform for medical image fusion method. T ...
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  • [Others] 119128624MATLAB2660-3160.rarWatermarking technology to fully understand the digital watermarking technology ...
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  • [Visual C++] wave.rarWavelet compression algorithm, compression ratio greater than 20-fold, wavelet c ...
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  • [matlab] AStudyoWaveletImgaeCoding.rarWavelet transform generated by measuring the image entropy, variance, maximum, m ...
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  • [Visual C++] wavelet.rarwavelet
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  • [PDF] wavelettransform.rarWavelet and wavelet transform 1. Wavelet brief introduction 2. Haar function 3. ...
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  • [matlab] FastAlgorithms.rarTools for Fast Matrix Multiplication in Wavelet Basis
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  • [matlab] wavelethmtem.rarEM algorithm is the use of wavelet-domain hidden Markov model parameters for the ...
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  • [LabView] VirtualOscilloscope.rarVirtual Oscilloscope can be used to do can also copy their own
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  • [matlab] Biorthogonal.rarBiorthogonal wavelet transformation toolboox
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