• [Java] 2004-06-06billing.rarbased on the balance inquiries phone system, using java technology and wml
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  • [Visual C++] GSMintroduction.rarGSM\GSM introduction
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  • [Visual C++] GSM-RFORUM.rarGSMGPRSRFORUM relevant information than testing and guitar
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  • [Java] cldc1.0.rarunder J2ME programming framework for the configuration above the infinite memory ...
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  • [Java] at200582822181473581.rarhow WAP and MMS shows how Chinese characters in WAP and MMS shows how Chinese ch ...
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  • [Java] PushSIServlet.rarmobile operator to submit wappush standards code, to the completion of the key e ...
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  • [Java] wappushpush.rarWAPpush WAP Push achieving source!
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  • [ASP/ASPX] WAPtxl.rarimitation of a computer can visit the mobile phone can visit the interactive web ...
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  • [Delphi] 33_s65screen.zipSiemens mobile X65 series of attack tools, Delphi source, through the COM port d ...
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  • [WORD] WAPdev.rarfull version of the WAP Programming
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  • [MultiPlatform] 20056942613893.rarWAP network for the establishment and application of the main things is the foun ...
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  • [Java] WmlStudy.rarWML (Wireless Markup Language-Wireless Markup Language) description language wit ...
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  • [Java] WAPStep1.rarWML the basic [TOP] used WAP Markup Language is WML (Wireless Markup Language). ...
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  • [Java] WAPPage.rarproduced training WAP pages, the book rough introduction to the WML programming ...
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  • [PHP] files.rarphone WAP- PHP, DB- PHP-downloads
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