• Visual C++NetTalk.rarnettalk a good Internet phone source code hope you like
    Upload User: xilei160 Upload Date: 2013-01-31 File Size: 2975k Downloads: 728
  • C++ooh323c-0.8.tar.gzan H.323 protocol stack, C source, cross-platform, achieving H.225, H.245, RAS, ...
    Upload User: awei6685 Upload Date: 2013-01-31 File Size: 3750k Downloads: 242
  • C++C5402voiceNet.rardps through c above, bare-metal programming streaming Ethernet
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  • OthersVOIP.rar新手必看- VOIP training materials basis for the evolution of kno ...
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  • Othersvncl.rar23123123123
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  • ASMvediosyn.rarVideo Sync count, video transmission control signals in the industrial video app ...
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  • VBVBycsp.rarOne can program the remote video, video transmission via ip connection.
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  • C++SIP-Inv.rarGeophysical inversion mainly, the application spectrum Guo Tao IP inversion algo ...
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  • PDFArtechHouse-Voice.ovintroduced through wireless environment to transmit voice of an English original ...
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  • Othersbayonne-1.1.3.tar.gzinternationally renowned open-source projects Bayonne IVR entirely interactive v ...
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  • VBBandwidthMonitor.rarBandwidth Monitor is a pure VB program to screen the handling is very good!
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  • Visual C++h225v301.zipH.225 video-telephone protocol,specification document,for reference only
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  • Visual C++Setup2K.zipPCC-10C camera driver, the system always suggest a lack of paper documents were ...
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  • VBMSvoicechatprogramVBa voice chat program is written in VB, very good, not with the controls to achie ...
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  • Visual C++networkvideotelephona very beautifully produced video chat program, to facilitate the change in volu ...
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