• VBsxt.rarA camera for capturing video of the procedure may have some help monitor
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  • VBcapture.rarAn enumeration of video equipment can be obtained and the procedure, you can con ...
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  • Visual C++VideoCaptuEx.rarreturn a video capture and video processing, and the collection of undercover vi ...
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  • Visual C++shipin.rarThis code is a very classic, the video surveillance of the small code, keep in m ...
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  • Visual C++puzhuo.rarCapture screen image, in the hope that everyone has to help, and hope we can exc ...
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  • DelphiHandlescreencapaturedelphi do with the screen capture and handling procedures, learning together and ...
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  • Delphivideocapandcompress.write with Delphi screen capture compression and recording procedures
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  • Visual C++MedianBlu1r.rarmedian filter to the World Book prescribed own bitmap processing.
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  • C++tuner1236.rarphilip Tuner 1236 source code
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  • Visual C++VFW_Caputure.rarused to achieve camera VFW frequency acquisition. Functional basis for compariso ...
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  • Othersvideotechnology.RarC# is the video I wanted to find a video capture-the only onto the present, I st ...
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  • Visual C++H263Creat.rarFrom 3gp format video files to extract data from video images
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  • Visual C++VFW_Catch_video.rarVFW a simple way of collecting examples of video, you can have some friends inte ...
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  • C++SGSG-N2005B1.rarMobile phones with high-resolution camera (1600X1200) information, 2.8V for anal ...
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  • Visual C++scan.zipscan window detection
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