• [Java] SenderApplet.rarjava language chat rooms sender code, development tools in Jcreator run!
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  • [C++ Builder] TelnetCBuilder6.rarc builder6.0 prepared to use telnet client, strong function, includes complete s ...
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  • [C/C++] telnet_c.rartelnet achieve the source code, the C linux school can look at the
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  • [C/C++] USBMassStorageDevice.rarUSB drive, you can enjoy the benefits of this document! And you can also underst ...
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  • [Visual Basic] telnet_cl04.ziptelnet client
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  • [Java] jTelnet.zipa telnet client to achieve the java. A graphical user interface.
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  • [Delphi] IP_chat.rarDelphi5.0 prepared by the Telnet program source code, procedures eavesdropping 1 ...
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  • [Borland C++] Borland_Client.rarThe Client Control Socket series Chat client
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  • [C++ Builder] tnclient_bcb.zipBCB source telnet client available for the realization of learning moreover peop ...
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  • [C++ Builder] Mytelnet.rarI wrote a TELNET process, and beginners can imitate an example, Oh
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  • [Visual C++] telneta function similar to the Citadel BBS procedures, as a way to operate a characte ...
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  • [Visual Basic] telnetconfig.rarTELNET procedures used SOCKET control development, TXT support from the document ...
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  • [HTML/CSS] call(onlinepagingsystem).RarThis a small country online paging system, I have only to beautify* a bit. The r ...
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