• Delphi100IPaddressesandcomlook at the IP address and computer name mutual conversion of the multi-threadin ...
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  • Borland C++ Buildergntel.rargntel.rar- BCB realize the use of control Telnet client tools
    Upload User: mmlz17792 Upload Date: 2013-01-27 File Size: 385k Downloads: 47
  • Borland C++ BuilderBCBTelnet.rarBCBTelnet.rar- the use of API functions realize telnet client
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  • VBnetworksetforvb.rartools on the network, as on the tools available on the same document
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  • C++TelnetClient.zipThe TelnetClient.zip is client programme. This is my first programme,please help ...
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  • OthersPCManX.tar.gzunder telnet client, a very good procedure. Under the latter can be directly exe ...
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  • Visual C++basedtelnetapplicatibased on the use telnet platform for network users with network communication in ...
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  • Otherswintelnet.zipwintelent procedures FOSS
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  • Visual C++useWinSockAPIprepareuse WinSock API prepared by the procedures Windy TCPIP
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  • Visual C++TelnetTT.rarTelnet Protocol programming (with CD)
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  • VBgmud001.zipa mud client code written in vb GMUD is in its Pre-Alpha stage (meaning that dev ...
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  • Visual C++chapter12.rarA TELNET client-A TELNET client
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  • C++telnetclient.rarVC prepared a Telnet client program, the common exchange of learning
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  • VFPVFPHTTP.rarI used to do with the pure VFP HTTP progress of the download
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  • OthersPing.zipPING is the classic procedure
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