• Visual C++tooltip.zipVC was a very cool (NCBI, set the background, fonts, colors
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  • Visual C++SonicUI_src.zipGDI Plus
    Upload User: jstxcs Upload Date: 2013-01-13 File Size: 627k Downloads: 97
  • Visual C++DelayLoad_source.zipThe code snippet shown in this article is used to delay load a DLL, i.e., DLL is ...
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  • VBwinsock.rar">can show icons in the system tray, and mouse events are available for free calls ...
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  • Visual C++colorstatusbar_demo.A excellent progress bar with the ability of changing the color of text freely.
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  • Visual C++QQlike_iconchange.raQQ will flash its icon when received message. The program gives a demo for reali ...
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  • Visual C++Spcialized_StatusbarWhen the toolbar of this program becomes complex and owns many options, a extrac ...
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  • Visual C++statusbar.rarA status bar with the ability of displaying system time, as well as some persona ...
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  • Visual C++CBitmapSlider_src.ziCBitmapSlider is a Slider with which you can include your pictures.
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  • C++CE_CSliderCtrl.rarReloaded CSliderCtrl in WinCE, with the support of redrawing pictures. You can m ...
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  • Visual C++StatusBarACT_demo.zia status bar the use of such examples can be automatically adjusted according to ...
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  • VBLEFXpProgressBar.rarXp style control, realizing variety XP style. Its properties and methods inherit ...
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  • OtherserrorWrong filename with introduction. Please check this.
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  • OthersStatusbar_sample.rarAn introduction to the use of statusbar. Different from the simple intro in text ...
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  • DelphiProgress32.rarA sample of the progressbar, powered by PASCAL and API.
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