• Visual C++c-wap.rarwappush-c realization that messages should be sent in binary format (SMPP and CM ...
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  • JavaFlashSMS.rarflash sms flash source letter can be directly displayed on the user mobile phone ...
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  • C++SMS.rarSend short interest send and receive Chinese computer software, we try bar
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  • VBvbrecive.rarvb receive
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  • VBsmscontrol.rarcontrol
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  • VBvbsms.rarvb sms
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  • C++EasyDgm1.rarIntercept short message, sending an SMS code. Receive no alert tone, send do not ...
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  • JavaSMGPGateway.rarVery very strong, analog smgp fat c network gateway, I have been tested passed. ...
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  • Javaapi-hw.rarHuawei SMS Developer API (multi-system) as well as instructions.
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  • C++tc35cprocedures.Rartc35i code is a good development SMS procedures! It could be based on about!
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  • OthersATorderbook.Rareasy to find the AT command Complete Works of Chinese, it's all!
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  • Othersbianmaceshifile.rarSMS is the programming content, good, look at the value.
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  • VBSMSSecondDevelopmentSMS Second Development Control (Smscontrol) V3.16
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  • VBSMS_VB.rarwindows using VB to achieve the SMS Short Message source procedures. The develop ...
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  • Visual C++SymbianSMS.Rardevelopment platform for Symbian, hanging on VC6.0 debugging operation. Smart SM ...
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