• [Visual C++] FaceDetect.rarRFID reader fingerprint Demo
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  • [C/C++] cc2500application.rarThis is the CC2500 RF module and application MSP430 MCU can be used to send data ...
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  • [PDF] ISO_IEC_18000_6.rarno english description.
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  • [Others] S.Lahiri-RFID.Sourcebook.rarRFID Sourcebook: The realistic, no-hype guide to RFID evaluation, planning, and ...
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  • [Others] RFIDSecurity.rarRFID Security protocols
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  • [C/C++] Main.rarREADER simulated RFID communication between TAG with the program used to simulat ...
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  • [Others] aloha.rarOMNeT++ for RFID ALOHA collision protocol
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  • [Visual C++] RFID(SourceCode).rarRFID' s source code, more precious, I hope you can help.
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  • [Matlab] MySim.zipPPC-intensive to read and write RFID system design and simulation algorithm
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  • [C#] RFIDsubsystemofpeoplemanagement.rarRFID subsystem management, personnel access management system for automatic trac ...
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  • [C#] WindowsApplication1.zip a GUI for reading and decoding messages from a rfid reader .
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  • [C#] server.zipAn aplication that read and decode the information transmited by a RFID reader.
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  • [Others] thersisRFID.rarthesis rfid valuable internal reference i use it to quickly get his excellent pa ...
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  • [Others] TestSL018.zipcode that came with rfid reader sl018
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  • [Matlab] RFID.rarClassic reference for the study RFID technology
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