• VBTimerjxq.rarTimer controls, high-frequency counting, multimedia timer
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  • C++dllcrxcq3ym.zipinsertion legendary Trojan code insertion legendary Trojan code
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  • Visual C++categoryFTPsupportficategory FTP support firewall settings, the vc above tests, can be assured use
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  • PDFSimpleProcessorContrSimple ProcessorControl Unit
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  • Visual C++ProcessInfo1.rarView is currently running processes related information, including information p ...
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  • Visual C++APISpy.rarView exe files to the relevant information into the dll. Exe analysis procedures ...
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  • C++Threads.zipoperating system is involved in the process of the procedures, process managemen ...
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  • Borland C++ Buildermulti-threadeddatabathis is the main source multithreaded store data to SQL Server databases.
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  • Javajspinfor.rarjsp servlet using JavaBeans, jsp responsible for a small number of pages, mainly ...
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  • Visual C++Thread(new).rarThis is a thread of the serial and parallel time spent by the comparison (in the ...
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  • Visual C++Philosopher(new).RarThis is a classic thread synchronization-- philosopher food problem. Win32 here ...
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  • DelphiNamedPipe.zipUse named pipes for interprocess communication , across machine boundaries
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  • C++200309290729169840.rThis is what I spent 10 days doing the courses on operating system design proces ...
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  • Delphiwyj20022410115zzu.radelphi shielding win keys, and task management device. Beginners Delphi, practic ...
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  • C++MySecondaryProcess.rStudy aids a good example of thread, the main thread that involves a general mat ...
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