• [C++ Builder] DIJKPATH.rarsingle source shortest path
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  • [Delphi] sms203.rar1, spClient.exe client service procedures, for the received message into the dat ...
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  • [matlab] SimulinkFiles.rarModern communications systems (Proakis), simulink simulation program
    Upload User: huapu999 Upload Date: 2016-10-23 File Size: 1077k Downloads: 25
  • [matlab] scm-05-07-2006_program.rar3GPP spatial channel model, channel parameters of a more comprehensive considera ...
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  • [matlab] Bpsk_cooper_rayleigh_BER1.rarCollaborative communication, to enlarge the way forward, Rayleigh channel BER pe ...
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  • [C/C++] bin.rarAutoUpdateWebSvcAutoUpdateWebSvc
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  • [matlab] GNSS_SDR.rarGNSS_SDR is a set of matlab code for GPS&Galileo Receiver.Every part of the rece ...
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  • [Fortran] channel.rarMainly in the sink used to calculate the viscous incompressible flow of the proc ...
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  • [matlab] ofdm-sim.rarCode for OFDM signals, quadratic interpolation of the simulation code
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  • [matlab] channel_esti_em730a.rarsource codes simulate the channel estimation using em algorithm
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  • [matlab] Carrier_Trace.rarIncluding pseudo-code tracking and carrier phase tracking using Matlab implement ...
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  • [matlab] tongyuan3.rarPass the original experimental course work, completed structures base-band trans ...
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  • [matlab] tongyuan2.rarPass the original experimental course work, completion of thirteen u rate encode ...
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  • [matlab] maximum_flow.rarMaximum flow procedures
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  • [C/C++] PHS.rarPHS mobile phone version of the full development of software and hardware!
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