• [ASP/ASPX] Project-ManageSystem.rarOA This is a prototype, the main project is complete process management function ...
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  • [Others] WWF.rarWorkflow summary of the learning process, is available to advanced users and exc ...
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  • [Java] commons-fileupload-1.2.rarUI reference design package commons-fileupload-1.2.rar latest version
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  • [PHP] tongda2008.rarTongda oa2008 php zidonghua
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  • [C#] HL.rarInvoicing management of the textile industry, there are raw materials to maintai ...
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  • [PPT] IBM-SOA.rarFound on the network, ibm on soa report ppt. Speak well. Other people
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  • [Visual C++] Vista-Learning.rarVista Learning
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  • [Visual Basic] ERP.rarWith an ERP system written in VB! For learning Yes! !
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  • [ASP/ASPX] xmzfw.rarComplete unrestricted free. . A small mistake. OA front office with the perfect ...
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  • [ASP/ASPX] web.rarOA system
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  • [Others] TestManage.zipApplication of the workflow model of the test management process modeling, in te ...
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  • [C/C++] BIOSV8.01.rarlatest BOOTLOADER, for your use and reference.
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  • [ASP/ASPX] qqdaima.rarASP-based program implementation similar to the QQ space, message board, in orde ...
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  • [Visual C++] hjloa25.rarBJX- OA network office system a) Operating environment : MS Windows NT PACK 4 OR ...
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